The Capture Site

Abi and I found ourselves with a bit of time on our hands before attending a 2pm birthday party at the Pietermaritzburg Model Engineering Society on Saturday. After a bit of thought, we decided while being in the area, to take a short drive up to Howick to view the Nelson Mandela Capture site.

IMG_20150512_103708 IMG_20150512_103605
There is a small exhibition showing the Long Walk To Freedom history, as well as the amazing and iconic sculpture situated at the bottom of the site.

It is so good to see how big Abi’s heart is for “Melson Mandela” as she calls him, and as we were leaving I heard her whisper to heaven “Bye, I love you Melson Mandela”.  I told her his heart would have been so proud to hear her words.

View details for the tickets and the exhibition here.  It’s only a small monument, but there is a restaurant and a few other craft/trade stores on the site too.

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