A Road Trip – Western Cape

The month of October has come and gone before it feels like it even started!  For me this must have something to do with the following statement – “how time flies when you’re having fun” because we went on a road trip to Mossel Bay in the Western Cape.

As there were a 6 of us (5 adults and my 4 y/o daughter) we hired a van.  We also did this because the plan was to bring some glass mosaic mirrors back with us when we returned.

We had two days planned of driving to get to our destination, so I whipped up a Road Trip activity bag for my little one. Take a look at some of the idea’s I pinned while deciding what would work best for us.
Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 11.23.30 AM
The firm favourites were the cupcake printable by VOL25 and a little Go Fish magnetic game I made out of paper clips, a magnet, some twine, washi tape and dowel!
6a00e552088d2b8834013485ac76a4970c-650wi  IMG_20141102_204820
I did secretly sort through her toy box to make up small activity sets like grouping all her plastic farm animals from all over the house into one tin, as well as all the ‘jewellery & make-up’ into a little pouch, and pulled out her finger puppets she hadn’t used in a while, so her Road Trip activity bag was like a little treasure chest of goodies. The drive in the car was not nearly as bad as I had imagined, she did very well considering.

Outings up to George and Knysna on day 2 were amazing. We had lunch at a lovely restaurant called East Head Café, spent some time on the beach, browsing decor shops and taking in the lovely sights of the area.
IMG_20141031_120328  IMG_20141031_120720
IMG_20141031_120622  IMG_20141031_120554
IMG_20141031_120508  IMG_20141017_133335
IMG_20141013_162559  IMG_20141013_163543
IMG_20141013_163507  IMG_20141013_163121

Day three we drove up to the Karoo and spent the morning at the Highgate Ostrich Show Farm, a working farm open for tours to share information about the Ostrich trade and wares. Did you know that 70 tons of Ostrich feathers are exported annually to Brazil, the biggest global consumer of Ostrich feathers, for their annual Carnival?
IMG_20141015_095634  IMG_20141015_213754

We spent the afternoon at the Cango Caves where at least two of our group were very happy to get out of there at the first opportunity, but I must say I enjoyed it.  We didn’t do the full tour, just the easy walking tour which is only about a 1/3 of the way down into the caves, no crawling through small spaces or tight squeezes for us.  It’s one of the places I wanted to visit on my bucket list (tick.)
IMG_20141031_155446  IMG_20141031_155528
While in Mossel Bay itself, we visited a few local spots, vintage shops, Cape St Blaize Lighthouse and Delphino’s, a great place for sundowners right on the point.

IMG_20141014_221416  IMG_20141014_221448
IMG_20141014_221518  IMG_20141014_221340
IMG_20141014_174742  IMG_20141014_221142
The last day on the way out we drove over the Robinson Pass and what a view.
IMG_20141018_083816  IMG_20141031_192812
And now that we are back home after having had a lovely time away, I would like to plan a few more road trips around South Africa, what a lovely way to experience the beauty that can be found right on our own doorstep.

Next week I’m looking forward to receiving my order of photo books I ordered online from Burble Pix.  I’m giving one of the books as a thank you gift and can’t wait to see the look on the recipients faces when they see it.
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