Glass Cake Stands {DIY}

For the recent Birthday Brunch (check out the details in this blog post here), I decided to make my own glass cake stands.  Here is the DIY post on how I made these.  They were made from upcycled items I picked up from the local Highway Hospice charity shop.  I also did a cute drinks tray with a chalkboard tray centre.

My charity shop basket included the following items:
2 Sundae Glasses
1 Sherry Glass
1 Candle Holder
1 Pie Dish
1 Round Shallow Bowl
1 Flat Round Plate
1 Glass Plate Square

DIY extras:
Pattex Epoxy Glue
White acrylic spray paint
Chalkboard paint in colour of choice

IMG_20140902_212017 IMG_20140902_212306

I started by turning the plate/bowl/pie dish over and marking out the centre on the underside.  I then glued the Sherry glass to the underside of the pie dish, the Sundae glasses to the bottom of the flat round plate and the round shallow bowl, and the candle holder to the underside of the square glass plate.

The Epoxy glue is a bit tricky as you need to ‘activate’ it by mixing equal parts of the glue and activator together.  Then using the supplied spatula to put a ring of glue around the rim of the glasses and putting in place on the undersides of the plates.  I let the glue dry overnight.


The next day, I sprayed two of the four stands in white spray paint.  I added three light layers of paint to get an even finish, leaving 45 minutes in between each layer to dry.

The finished result, not the best picture, but you can see how they turned out.  I also sanded then spray painted a metal tray and ceramic server I bought.  Once the spray paint had dried on the metal tray, I painted the centre with two layers of black chalkboard paint to use as a “Drink Me” drinks tray.


Here are some photo’s of the finished cake stands on the day.



Easy done.  Give it a go, and let me know how your DIY glass cake stands turn out.

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