A French Themed Brunch

August is Birthday Month for me, and this year I decided to do something a little different for my birthday, to have a birthday Brunch, with a French Theme!

I started by creating a Pinterest board for ideas, click the image below to view all these lovely pins I found!

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 9.58.02 PM

For the decor, I made some paper flowers in blue and red tissue paper, as well as some pages from a French book I picked up, and cut a few hearts out of the French pages too. Then I decorated the wooden spoons for the muesli and yoghurt with some washi tape.

French word hearts Paper flowersWooden Washi Spoons

I had high hopes after reading a few tutorials and watching a few YouTube Video’s of making my first batch of Macaron’s, the perfect delicate French inspired treat…

Well, that didn’t work out too well.  They made lovely meringues, but they didn’t get ‘feet’ so technically they couldn’t be called a Macaron!  Not going to stop me from trying again though.

Here are a few photo’s of the treats that did make it to the breakfast table.

French Toast mini crumpets Muesli Quiche Soft cheese IMG_20140828_222053Table setting Cupcakes

My home made recipe inspired by ‘In Good Company’ for chocolate croissants was so good, I didn’t even get a chance to take any photo’s of these.  As soon as I popped them on the table fresh out the oven, they disappeared.

The big success for me personally was the blue ombre layer cake, finished off with piped icing roses and a bit of edible glitter for some glam!

Ombre rose cake IMG_20140828_221828

For the table card printables, and another freebie printable I found online for the baguettes, download here.  I’ll also be posting a little DIY on the cake plates I made out of upcycled glasses and plates that I picked up from the charity shops later this week, so please come back for a visit.


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