Mini Chocolate Croissants {Recipe and tutorial}

Its ‘Birthday Month’ and I’ve been pinning a few ideas on a birthday party theme.  I quite like a French Theme Brunch, so I’ve created a board and I’m busy filling it with ideas. Click on the image below to view.

French Theme Brunch

As a good host should always do, if using a new recipe, try it out first before the big event to avoid any surprises on the day.  I’ve done just that with a quick ‘cheat’ recipe I’ve found for mini chocolate croissants (and I had a little pâtissier assistant help me too…)

Apart from pinning a few ideas on quick croissant recipes, I also found this idea while paging through In Good Company‘s ‘For Good Times’ book.  I received this as a sponsored gift at the June 2014 Etsy Craft Party hosted in Durban by Nadia van der Mescht.  More details on this lovely and inspiring book can be seen at

For Good Times

First is the list of very simple ingredients:

1 roll of puff pastry
A jar of Nutella chocolate spread
An egg
A dusting of flour


A rolling pin
A sharp paring knife
A teaspoon
A pastry brush and cup
A baking tray
Non-stick cooking spray

Prep time 10 mins
Bake time 15 – 18 mins

We started by lightly dusting the work surface and rolling out the puff pasty.

Rolling pastry
Then cut the sheet directly in half down the middle top to bottom, then in three rectangular pieces from either half.

Cut the pastry
To get the triangle shape, cut each of the 6 rectangles diagonally from top left to bottom right corners.  Then add a little cut in the middle of the widest part of each triangle.

Blob a half a teaspoon’s worth of Nutella just below each cut.

Add Nutella
Gently roll each piece of pastry from the widest part with the Nutella blob to the narrow part, tuck the end underneath the croissant and place on a non-stick baking tray (I also added some Spray ‘n Cook to the tray, to be sure they wouldn’t stick).

Crack your egg into a cup, mix and give it a little dash of water, then egg wash the tops of the croissants with a pastry brush.

Egg Wash
Place the baking tray into a pre-heated oven at 180°c and bake for 15 – 18 minutes.  When the tops of the croissants start to brown, they are ready.  If you leave them in too long, the underside of the croissant will burn.

Serve immediately and enjoy the chocolatey gooeyness!

Baked goodies  Chocolatey

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