The Umgeni River Bird Park

It was a popular school outing venue in Durban when we were kids, and I’ve not visited the Umgeni River Bird Park since my childhood, but after a colleague visited last weekend, I thought it would be a good place to spend a Sunday morning, and, we were not disappointed…

After looking around the website to confirm they were open on a Sunday, I also checked the times of the Free-Flight Bird Show (11am and 2pm) before heading ‘down the hill’ from Hillcrest.

Entrance fees are R50 per adult and R30 per child between 4 and 12 years.  We also purchased one R5 tube of Swan food and one R5 tub of Lorikeet food and moved through the park following the duck ‘foot prints’.

The variety of birds is amazing.

IMG_20140803_194549 IMG_20140803_145207 IMG_20140803_190711 IMG_20140803_190628

The Lorikeet enclosure is an experience, those birds are not scared at all as long as you have a tub of food in your hand they come in to land from all directions.  At one point, Dave had 5 birds on him.  Here they are enjoying a morning snack.

IMG_20140803_194446 IMG_20140803_201944

The Free-Flight Bird Show was entertaining and informative, and included one very large Vulture among other birds…

IMG_20140803_194049 IMG_20140803_194247

After stopping at the Cockatoo Cafe for a reasonably priced light lunch of toasted sarnies, burgers, hot dogs and hot chips, we wondered through the rest of the park at our own leisure.

IMG_20140803_191014 IMG_20140803_193034 IMG_20140803_201059 IMG_20140803_190930IMG_20140803_202137 IMG_20140803_190843

Thanks to a bit of uneven paving though, my right slop met an untimely death, leaving me barefoot and on the receiving end of a few dodgy stares (and newly pressed duck poo’s…) while walking through the rest of the bird park…


Altogether, the morning was a pleasant one.  The Umgeni River Bird Park is well run, and the animals are well looked after.  It was a good few hours of entertainment for my little one too (4yo), the highlight for her was most definitely was feeding the Swan’s.

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