DIY “Monster Away Spray”

I’m not sure what has changed recently, but the last few nights, my little one (4yo) has been waking up in the early hours of the morning calling out for us. When I go through to her room she tells me she is scared of sleeping in her bedroom because of the monsters…

I’ve heard this is quite common at this age (3/4yo) because the brain is very active taking in so much during the day, and the imagination runs wild!  This is a good thing though.

So, what can we do about it? Experts say rather than devalue or dismiss your little one’s fears; it’s better to come to the rescue and listen to their concerns.  This builds trust in the relationship, further building a foundation for open communication when they grow older.

Cue …


Aptly named “Monster Away Spray”.

I’ve made this using a R12 spray bottle from The Crazy Store and some left over gold glitter stars, just adding some water (or even just the glitter and air if you are not keen on overuse and getting everything soaking wet).  Make sure the glitter you use is quite large, so there is no chance of it clogging the spray pipe.

I can’t wait to present this to her at bedtime tonight and see if she feels more at ease sleeping in her own room.

Download the little ‘Monster Away Spray’ {FREEBIE} printable from here. There are three colour options, ‘gold’, pink and blue.


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