A Little {more} Wall Art

This weekend, we’re working on a new project, hanging a shelf above our up-cycled pallet headboard in our master bedroom.   We’re going with an industrial look, using a weathered scaffold board and some 18mm stainless steel thread rods we’re connecting to the roof beams through our ceiling board.   {More details to come on this project next week…}

When the shelf does go up, I’m planning on using this as a ‘messy headboard feature’ made up of picture frames, signs and decor items.

As a Father’s Day gift for my husband, I printed and framed a lovely photo of the Tower Bridge in London {reminiscent of our time living in London}.


Along with this I printed and framed another smaller more personal photo of my husband and daughter when she was only 4 days old.  I painted and distressed the frames that I purchased from a charity shop, and these two frames are going to be the start of our master bedroom ‘messy headboard feature’.

To add to the two frames above, I wanted some framed wall art that was meaningful to both of us.  Before getting married, we lived apart while dating for a year (me in South Africa and him in the UK), so we spoke, A LOT, over the phone.  We always ended our conversations with the young and in love “I love you, no I love you more…” but we also added our own line after this “no, I love you the mostest mostest…”   Usually whoever got that in had the last say in the conversation.

So, this was the inspiration of my wall art this week.

I love you the mostest mostest...

I’m now on the hunt for another A3 size frame to paint and distress, then this bit of wall art will find a home on our new shelf.

If you would like to download this piece of {FREEBIE} wall art, please click here.  Print it on an A3 size of white card stock, frame and enjoy.

Have a great weekend.

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