A walk down memory lane

Hard to believe that it’s been nearly three years since we moved back to Durban from London.  Truth be told, in our last flat we lived way down South of London, further than the SW postcodes, we were in SM postcode territory.  But, when thinking of an idea for a personal and meaningful Father’s Day gift (for the husband), I came up with the idea of framing a b&w photo print of a London landmark in an up-cycled wooden frame (which I refurbished).

While living in London, I wasn’t armed with much of a smartphone, my basic Blackberry was the trend at the time, and we only had a 5 mega pixel point and shoot “holiday” or “special occasion” camera.  So therefore lacking in suitable material for the frame, I took to the web to find a b&w photo print.

I’ve decided on the one I’m using, but here is a collection of the best photo’s I found last night.  For those who have lived there, or visited there, and up for taking a walk down memory lane, here you go…

8158677171_64a449105c_z architecture-wallpaper-472 black white london distanbach-uk-people-7 DSCF0089 London-city-photos-black-and-white-067 London-city-photos-black-and-white-083 tumblr_m7bp1dl9AN1rbyajho1_1280piccadilly-circus_1249605ilondon-reunion-50Hyde Park Corner

Which one would you choose to frame?

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