Wedding Decor | Wood

The main focus the first half of 2014 has definitely been on wedding orders.  I’ve had four large wedding orders come through in the past three months, and three of these orders included wooden sings with hand painted personalised messages.

IMG_20140528_205835 IMG_20140528_205515 IMG_20140528_205709   IMG_20140528_204543 IMG_20140528_204750 timthumb

Earlier this month I created a Pinterest board collecting some idea’s I’ve found online titled “Wooden wedding inspiration”.  Among other wedding decor trends, most of these include wooden hand painted wedding signs.  Click the image below to see the full details.

Wooden wedding inspiration_Pinterest May 2014

I noticed while browsing, the overall wedding style for 2014 is |Rustic Chic| with the use of natural textured materials and a neutral colour palette.  This seems to have originated from the USA in 2012/2013 with a definite “Sophisticated Southern” twist.  It makes me feel the urge to get married all over again!

Closing off on another month and entering into the new month, we’ll be celebrating ‘The Dad’s” in South Africa on 15th June.  I’m working on a special post with a FREEBIE printable for Father’s Day to go live early next month, so please come back to visit in June for details.

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