Easy to sew felt hot water bottle cover

We’ve just returned from a lovely camping trip with some good friends.  The time was enjoyable and relaxing, and it was good to get away from the every day grind and routine.

Last week while checking the weather reports for the camping trip days, I decided a hot water bottle would be a good item to bring along for my daughter.  After checking out a few tutorials and photo’s on Pinterest, I made up a pin board with all the elements I needed to hand sew a simple hot water bottle cover.

When I asked my daughter what colour she wanted her hot water bottle cover, she said pink, and with a picture of a pony on the front! Nothing like a challenge to get the creative idea’s flowing.

I started with this easy to follow step by step on making the felt cover:

Image  Image

{Sew a fleece hot water bottle cover: free sewing pattern}

The hand stitch I used was a blanket stitch:

Image  Image

Before sewing all the cover elements together, you will need to sew the picture you are wanting to use to the front cover first.  At first I thought a pony would be quite difficult to hand sew onto the felt cover, but after a bit of searching around, I found a ‘colour me’ picture of the outline of a horse which was easy enough to adapt and cut out of felt:


Once I had the horse cutout, I started hand stitching this to the front cover, and thought it would be nice to add a little stuffing to make the horse a little raised.  I just used a simple stitch to sew the horse onto the front cover, adding the stuffing as I went a long.  I also added some white felt for a mane.


It took me an evening to cut and sew, and this is the end result.  It worked like a charm!


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