DIY Easter Parade Hat

One of my tasks for this week is to help craft a little Easter Parade Hat for my daughter’s school parade taking place tomorrow.

I’ve just gone through a bunch of blogs and Pinterest links to find a design that is cute yet easy enough for my four year old to help with creating.

These are some of the links I’ve found below:

Easy-Easter-crafts Link-Bonnet-Chick_hp Link-Bonnet-Bunny_hp

Easy Easter Hats –  from Ness at One Perfect Day, this is a quick and easy tutorial and is simple enough for a little one to help.

PDF Printable of Chicks/Bunnies – found on a UK website called Party Delights, free to download for personal use.  These are great to add glitter and cotton wool onto for extra texture.

Then found a tutorial on how to make a top hat out of cardboard.  Use this as a canvas for colouring, painting, adding stickers and other embellishments.


Top Hat Tutorial – from ‘LiEr’ at iKatBag.

And….. let the crafting begin!

{Also be sure to download the Easter Picnic PDF Printable from my earlier post here.}

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