DIY Pallet Headboard

So, the advantage of having your husband own a construction company is that he has access to product packaging like pallets that can be up-cycled.  Not only that, I also have a contact with carpentry skills as well as the tools required for carpentry.

A few weeks ago, after finishing a bathroom refurbishment, my husband bought home an extra length, sturdy wooden pallet. As soon as I saw this I knew it would make a great headboard, and it turns out I was right.

After pullng the heavy pallet into the garden to ‘dry out’ on Saturday, I got reading through a few blog tutorials and ‘pinned’ a few idea’s. I approached my husband with my ‘pinned’ tutorials and batting eyelashes, to plant to seed of having a go at our own DIY headboard, and the rest is history.

DIY Pallet Headboard

What you will need:

* Wooden palletts (number depends on how big you want your headboard)
* Wood screws
* Wood glue
* Hand drill
* Hammer
* Crowbar
* Orbital sander
* Wall plugs and screws
* Level

1) The pallet before we got into it.


2) Start by carefully dismantling the pallets, making sure not to split any of the wooden lengths. We did this using a hammer and crowbar. Make sure to remove any rusty nails or hammer them back.


3) We used the existing frame as it was the right length for our feature wall, but at this point, you may need some extra lengths of solid wood to make up a frame the desired dimensions for your headboard. Include a few extra battens in the frame to reinforce it, and use the battens to screw the pallet lengths to.

4) Arrange the wooden pallet lengths on the frame to get the desired arrangement, and when ready, add a dab of wood glue to the frame and battens where you will be screwing the pallet lengths in. We used two screws at each batten and the frame on their side.


5) Get sanding, we used an orbital sander, but you can use a belt sander. We sanded with an 80 grit sanding pad, because we wanted a rustic look, and didn’t take too much off.


6) All finished, and take in to mount it to the wall. We drilled into the brick wall and used longer screws and wall plugs to fit it. Make sure you have a level on hand because you don’t want a skew headboard…


7) The finished headboard. I love the colour and texture of the wood against the newly painted wall. The next project is a floating shelf above the headboard for our photo frames and a few nick-nacks.


For inspiration on making your own DIY Pallet Headboard, visit these blog tutorials below:

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